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Target Exhaust Fan 8 inch

Target has launched the new series of exhaust fans in the market. The Target Exhaust Fan 8 inch is the recent addition to it. A beautiful 5 blade fan that is incorporated in a strong PVC casing has been developed at our workshops.

The 8 inch exhaust fan is bigger and better. The wide blades turn at very high revolutions per minute, throwing the contained air and pollutants out of the room. It functions on single phase power supply very well. The fan is compact and easy to install.

Target provides these white exhaust fans in desired quantity to the customers. The heavy duty exhaust fans are useful in kitchens, electrical rooms, and on industrial sites to suck out the air inside closed compartments and throw it out efficiently, consuming very little electrical units.

The certified quality of material ensures long lasting use of the product delivering high air flow and great output performance.

Our printable company overview brochure is now available for download.

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