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Our Events

Target Pumps Private Limited believes in evolving and change. It is fundamental that technology new today shall not stay latest the next day. Hence, since being founded in 2013, our motto has been held in high regard and our team constantly works to update, upgrade, and showcase our technology.

For this to be accomplished, our teams take active participation in corporate and industry specific events being conducted worldwide. There, our innovative technology helps others to follow the path and learning from similar technologies is used for inspiration as well.

Our team of highly qualified business and technical professionals work together with the assisting staff to create an informed industry of potential customers and fellow businesses. The products are made available for audience to get the feel of original material of innovation, the real quality of raw ingredients used, and the authentication builds trust among the people.

Interested customers could look out for more detailed information and brochures with the help of our representing staff and thus, more relationships are formed that last a lifetime.

We welcome everybody to visit our stalls whenever a new event happens!