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Earthing Hole & Installation

A crucial part of Target Pump’s working is the drilling department. All the water related working in industry require fitting of piping systems, and to accomplish that, a well defined earthing hole mechanism. Target provides this mechanism along with the installation of the same in a safe and a very professional manner.


The safety and well being of our team workers as well as the supporting staff on worksites are two factors that are mandatorily ensured to be followed on priority basis, both during the boring of hole and further, while installation is happening.

Our Management

Our management team is committed to always being present on-site and hands-on, making sure that our earthing hole & installation teams have the necessary equipment, systems, and support to address potential risks and stay safe, meanwhile completing the associated task with utmost perfection

Our Safety Management

Our safety management system works in tandem with other teams and objectives to incorporate the required procedures, policies and company statements. This further aligns the aforementioned with our induction guidelines and processes. The whole ecosystem is accessible by hierarchy top to bottom, is easily maintained and audited by agents that the firm desires appropriate.


Cranes are vitally important tools, on every construction site in the country. Based on mechanical principles, these cranes can lift and lower the loads that no human working capacity could. Modern construction machines include fixed tower cranes, huge shipyard gantry cranes, truck- mounted cranes and many more, each one specializing in its own specific task.

To meet wide variety of industrial needs these modern cranes are just another examples of how we are able to make jobs more convenient for us.

Our printable company overview brochure is now available for download.

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