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Drilling Department

Water well drilling rigs include components, equipment, tools and components used for upstream activities in civil and industrial use According to application fields, civil and industrial use, our machines can adapt to a variety of harsh rock environments. Tokyo water well drilling rig uses full hydraulic control and the top drive the rotation of drilling tools with very high drilling efficiency. Continuous innovation and development High quality and perfect service

“Our team are focused on providing our clients with productive drilling services, on budget and on time. It’s what we pride ourself on.

We continuously look towards new technologies. We invest in the best staff in the business. And when it comes to your business, you can expect first-class service, in every way.” Specialist expertise in hard-rock mineral drilling Leading technologies and extensive equipment portfolio Professional and experienced crews and project managers Genuine customer focus and service Flexible capabilities for projects of any size Real commitment to safety, backed by our Safety Management System The success of our company is built on the dedication and experience of our team. Our people are among the best in the industry—highly-skilled and committed to the values of our business. We place a strong focus on training, hands-on mentoring and skill development for our staff.

Mr. Khet Singh Bhati

Drilling Dept. Head

The head of our drilling department, Mr. Khet Singh Bhati is the exemplary person for hard work and dedication. A specialist with expertise in ground water service drilling, Mr. Singh is a highly skilled and committed part of the Target Pumps family.

He started from the basics of the trade and rose to the pinnacle of men material management, only because of his brilliant crew managing skills and friendly nature with subordinates. Juniors take inspiration and seniors put their trust in him.

Mr. Singh puts customer satisfaction on top priority, keeping the hands-on training and skill development of staff under personal watch.

Mr. MS Rathore, the CEO of Target Pumps, had embraced every opportunity, to achieve the goal of becoming the best class pumping solution provider. His determission, combination of passion, grit significantly not only grew the business but has truly flourished it over the years.

Their Hard Work and unity paid for the growth of the company’s name. The company has grown leaps and has created a name itself from past 20 years as a leader in the electric Motor and Pump Industry in India, under the leadership of Mr Bhati and Mr Rathore.

With these two visionary people, the company has shown remarkable growth and recognition.



Water well drilling

The water well drilling is a complex and technology dependent task to accomplish. At Target, we have our professionally sound and experienced team that execute tasks involving components, equipments, tools, and other machines that are used in upstream activities.ism.

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Earthing Hole & Installation

A crucial part of Target Pump’s working is the drilling department. All the water related working in industry require fitting of piping systems, and to accomplish that, a well defined earthing hole mechanism.

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