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Water well drilling

The water well drilling is a complex and technology dependent task to accomplish. At Target, we have our professionally sound and experienced team that execute tasks involving components, equipments, tools, and other machines that are used in upstream activities.

The application of water well drilling is found in many fields such as agriculture, civil and industrial use, etc. All of them make use of hydraulics and drilling methods to deliver high quality results with good efficiency. The team ensures that projects get delivered on time with after delivery support as well.


The safety and well being of our team workers as well as the supporting staff on worksites are two factors that are mandatorily ensured to be followed on priority basis during the drilling of the water hole. The associated risks have been measured by experts and the worked are trained in the procedures to be followed.

Our Management

Our management team is committed to always being present on-site and hands-on, making sure that our water well drilling teams have the necessary equipment, systems, and support to address potential risks and stay safe, meanwhile completing the associated task with utmost perfection.

Our Safety Management

Our safety management mechanism functions in resonance with other teams and aims to incorporate the required procedures, policies and company statements. This further aligns the aforementioned with our induction guidelines and processes. The whole ecosystem is accessible by hierarchy top to bottom and vice – versa, is easily maintained and audited by agents that the firm desires appropriate in a reliable manner.

Our printable company overview brochure is now available for download.

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