About Us

Target Pumps Pvt. Ltd, a reputed company pioneer in manufacturing of quality and a wide range of submersible pumps, motors, monoblocks, cables, starters, pump controllers, winding wire & all accessories related to the submersibles. Target has operating multilocation production and operation units in worldwide & running successfully from 2013 in India & Gulf Countries. Being a leading manufacturer of submersible products we have excelled in the field of sales & marketing, installation and distribution as well as we also believe to maintain a relationship with customers through providing best after sales service within a TAT.

We are someone who believe in staying connected to roots. It said somewhere that to grow you need to adapt your surviving environment  similarly target pumps pvt. ltd are growing by adopting latest technology but keeping ourselves connected to roots by following our ancestral methodology to develop our products. The methodology used to develop target pumps are followed from the era when mankind had started accepting technology in their lives. So we assure our customers to give our best and we will service for the best.

Target Pumps Pvt.Ltd., was founded in 2013, under the direction of his Director. We specialize in submersible pumps, Motors, Monoblocks, Cables, Starters, pumps controllers, winding wire, & all accessories related to the submersibles. Our products are of highest quality and standard which are made in India. We export our wide range of products in all over Gulf Country companies. Target Pumps put his tireless efforts to maintain  very good relations with our customers by setting up policies in providing quality products and good services as per requirement of the customer. This makes us one of the leading company in the market.


Our Mission


Target Pumps Pvt. Ltd. will set up world class manufacturing facility in all its product range and will offer quality products and services at very competitive prices and also provide best customer service to our clients by our trained & experienced technical team. TGI will develop innovative and efficient business processes. TGI is in under process to develop new branches in Gulf countries. Target Pumps motto to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of submersible products in Asia in upcoming years.


Our Vision


Target Pumps is a preferred manufacturer & supplier of Submersible pumps & motors with other accessories related to submersible products as leading and progressive company at national as well as international market. Be responsible to society, environment & government.

"Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines
whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall."

Our Management

The company has a robust amount of talented and skilled workforce which is constantly contributing to the growth of the company. All key functional areas and departments are led by Experienced, Dexterous and Competent personnel, strategically aligned to meet the organization goal within deadline with a keen focus on strong moral values strengthen over years. The company has full-fledged HR Department to ensure best HR practices to remain competitive and to ensure maintenance of healthy industrial relations and good working environment which indirectly uplift the growth of the organization. “TARGET” is committed to fostering a culture of Innovation, Quality and Trust to set a benchmark in the pumping field.

Manufacturing Facility

The company has its well-placed and well-equipped manufacturing facility based out of Ahmedabad district in Gujarat where all the company’s manufacturing is executed with the help of most advanced tools and techniques to deliver best products. The plant is armed with various state-of-art machinery like packing, rewinding. coloring, checking, printing & marking. Over time, the plant facility has grown from strength to strength and has become capable enough to handle a wide range of export market orders with utmost efficiency as per the international standards.

Our Technology

Stiff competition in the dynamic global market hasn’t affected Target Pumps determination to outshine others in the Industry. By utilizing state-of-the-art equipment with the ultra - modern setup. Target Pumps Pvt. Ltd has developed a niche for itself as a quality driven group, ensuring a production culture that ascertains zero loss & an unadulterated production facility. Thus ensuring superior expertise in supplying an authentic product with absolute customer satisfaction. A company using machinery with latest technology & this machinery handled by qualified engineers. Our team is well trained and competent, they have enough experienced to repair any kind of damages products and have enough experienced to repair any kind damage products and have potential to make it to an accurate level.

Our Quality

At Target Pumps Pvt. Ltd, quality, and excellence are not just corporate slogans to garner business and profit. They are a quite essential part of our very being because without high standards, we don’t measure up to our own ideas. Thus, we show our commitment to provide world- class quality products & services using a systems approach to quality management. Target Pumps gives training on a timely basis to our employees to instruments & equipment are regularly calibrated to International standards to ensure that products are specially designed and made in order to meet the basic needs of water at better and affordable values so that it can be availed by maximum users. Target Pumps products are made in India and are seen very competitive from European & other countries products.

Export & Logistics

Target’s high production capacity can reach to customers with the different type of transport techniques in earliest convenience. Different transport type like container and conventional shipping can be operated with operational logistics chain with the help of owned warehouse in the plant and various operational location in Gulf & India, which is capable of storing sufficient quality of end products with different packaging. Target is independent and quick loading and unloading systems. Target has expanded its horizon to the global market by exporting submersible products especially in Gulf countries and many Asian countries. Has earned the trust of overseas customers by supplying insistent product with minimum lead-time.

Distributors : Tokyo Water Pumps UAE
Service Centre : Tokyo Water Pumps UAE

Our Strength

We believe that human resources are the biggest asset. We identify and engage the best talent in respective domain and impart rigorous training in their functional area. Consistency, Quality & Service our main virtues on which we rely. Manpower at target industries in highly motivated and trained to meet day to day challenges and give their best.

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